St. Catherine's Executive Director testifies before NYS Legislature

St. Catherine's Executive Director testifies before NYS Legislature

Albany, NY— St. Catherine’s Executive Director William T. Gettman, Jr. was among those  who offered testimony to the New York State Legislature yesterday on the subject of state fiscal year 2016-2017 budget proposals. Gettman offered testimony to the state Senate Finance Committee and the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means regarding human services budget proposals.

“We urge the Legislature to negotiate a budget with the Governor that ensures that the state remains committed to the programs that produce positive outcomes for children,” Gettman said, “and ultimately saves the state money on more expensive interventions such as foster care, medical care, homeless shelters, and the juvenile justice system.”

Gettman’s testimony urged the Legislature to support the following steps and measures:

•  To help ensure a stable and effective not-for-profit human services workforce by including funding for all mandated increases in the minimum wage proposal;

•  To invest in homeless prevention and evidence-based housing programs;

•  To wisely invest in the not-for-profit system in the short-term to lessen the likelihood of having to pay for more expensive interventions in the future;

•  To support 853 education services to meet the needs of special education students that cannot be met in a traditional educational environment; and

• To institute effective, thoughtful, and transparent juvenile justice reform.

Gettman has spent nearly 30 years working with New York State’s child welfare system, and has served as Executive Director of St. Catherine’s Center for Children since January, 2012. 

To view Bill Gettman's full testimony to the Legislature, click here.